Stinger Disconnect Tool

Stinger Disconnect Tool

Blackhawk’s Stinger Disconnect Sub allows for a cement plug to be placed in a sidetrack or P&A operation without the need to retrieve the stinger assembly. The ability to disconnect the drill pipe workstring and leave the stinger assembly downhole prevents the disruption, and potential contamination, of the cement plug after displacement.


  • Heavy duty collet release mechanism can hold 250,000 lbs tensile loading
  • Disconnect dart lands in, then shifts the shear tube, disconnecting the workstring from the stinger pipe
  • Upper NC-50 box connection can crossover to a multitude of workstring combinations
  • Lower NC-50 box connection can be crossed over to a wide variety of small casing or tubing to be utilized as the sacrificial stinger pipe
  • Available with either right hand or left hand secondary release mechanisms


  • Disconnecting the sacrificial pipe while in cement prevents swabbing and potential contamination of cement plug
  • Fluid separation and dart indication allows for improved accuracy while placing cement plug
  • Improved cement plug quality in permanent well abandonments mitigates the need for costly and hazardous remedial efforts
  • Improved precision in setting balanced plugs for sidetracking

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