SkyHook™ Cement Line Make Up Device

    SkyHook™ Cement Line Make Up Device

    Blackhawk’s Skyhook™ Wireless Cement Line Make Up Device allows operators to make up their cementing iron or hose without the need to send rig personnel above the rig floor.

    Latest News: Blackhawk SKYHOOK™ Device Wins OH&S 2017 New Product of the Year – Safety Barriers Category


    • Featuring the most advanced wireless automation system available, the SkyHook™ incorporates a vast array of industry-exclusive technologies and features focused on safety, speed, and efficiency. Blackhawk continues to refine what is the most versatile dart and ball launching cement head currently on the market.
    • Fully-wireless automation system eliminates hydraulic umbilical line and operating console.
    • Mud saver feature holds back cement line fluid (head pressure only) during lifting and prevents mud from falling to rig floor when the cement line is disconnected.
    • Fully compatible with existing high pressure cement hose or cement line (2" 1502 connection).


    • Continuous wireless link monitoring; radio signal filtering blocks Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interference for increased reliability.
    • Mud saver feature reduces rig clean up after disconnecting the cement line.
    • When in conjunction with Blackhawk's Wireless Cement Head, there is no need to send a man in a basket or riding belt, greatly improving safety.

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