Mechanical Setting Tool

Blackhawk’s Mechanical Setting Tool is designed to run and mechanically set Cement Retainers or Cast Iron Bridge Plugs at any depth on tubing or drill pipe.


  • Works with 4-1/2” and larger cement retainers or bridge plugs
  • Locked to cement retainer or bridge plug to avoid premature setting or loss
  • Top slips are covered to protect from accidental damage and remove the risk of presetting due to the elimination of retaining bands/wire
  • Sets other manufacturers' cement retainers or bridge plugs
  • Allow users to set, pressure test tubing, and squeeze in single trip
  • Can quickly be configured to set cement retainers or bridge plugs
  • Drag Block design eliminates the risk of bending or damaging the block potentially causing them to be dropped in the well.


  • Squeeze work and remedial cementing
  • Plug back and plug to abandon
  • Treating
  • Mud change-out
  • BOP testing
  • HPHT well conditions
  • Pressure test workstring
  • High-pressure squeeze work
  • Multiple cycling static to dynamic
  • Perforation squeezing
  • Vertical, deviated, horizontal wells

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