One-Piece Isolation Valves

Blackhawk’s One-Piece, Full-Open Isolation Valves can be run in conjunction with Blackhawk’s Automated and Wireless cement heads or as a standalone isolation valve


  • LITE-TORC™ feature allows operator the ability to close the valve under significant flow. Once closed, the valve can be reopened with less than 30 ft-lbs of torque.
  • SURE-STOP™ feature prevents over rotation of the ball valve, providing a fully-opened or fully-closed position, preventing damage to the darts due to ledges created by partially-opened valve.
  • Dart-friendly funnel allows darts to be pumped through the ID of the Isolation Valve without damage to the dart fins.
  • 15,000 psi working pressure.
  • High-Yield material is ideal for deepwater applications where high pressure and high tensile strengths are needed.
  • Isolation Valve can be used in conjunction with Automated or Wireless package with manual backup.


  • Increased safety with LITE-TORC™ feature.
  • Reduced likelihood of plug/dart/ball damage improves cementing efficiency.
  • When used in conjunction with the Blackhawk Top Drive Cement head, isolates the top drive during cementing operations and prevents flow from the wellbore.

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