HD Swivel

HD Swivel

Blackhawk’s HD Top Drive Swivel permits work string rotation and reciprocation during high‐pressure completion and circulating fluid displacements. The advanced seal and bearing configuration facilitates pump pressures and flow rates in excess of conventional top drive swivels, ensuring consistent, turbulent flow for optimal wellbore cleaning.


  • High-pressure swivel facilitates rotation while pumping high-rate completion/circulating fluids.
  • Redundant seals allow for prolonged rotation times over conventional side-entry swivels.
  • Two side port inlets available with 2” or 3” WECO connections.
  • No welded connections on pressure-or tensile-bearing components.
  • Upper and lower kelly valves provide high-pressure isolation of the HD.


  • Completion, remedial, and/or repair work can be completed with minimal trips into the derrick, reducing rig time and improving safety.
  • Extended rotation times allow for high-volume, long-duration displacement operations.
  • Multiple pumping operations can be performed without breaking flow lines, saving rig time.
  • Displacing well with completion fluid; reverse circulation operations.
  • Remedial squeeze operations
  • Settings packers (BST Cement Retainers, Retrievable Packers, etc.) without sending service personnel repeatedly above the rig floor.
  • Changing Top Drive swivel seals / packing while continuing to rotate with the rotary, prevents need to POOH to perform repairs.
  • Allows for rigs with dynamic positioning to rotate without stopping cementing or displacement operations.
  • Setting packers for shoe and / or liner top squeeze cementing.
  • Setting balanced cement plugs for P&A and T&A operations

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