Centralizer Subs

Blackhawk’s patent pending Centralizer Sub offers a unique solution for centralizing and cementing casing/liner strings from 5” to 18”.


  • The proprietary design allows for the bows to sit flush against the shell with full-rotating capability, providing optimum performance in tight-tolerance and/or underreamed hole conditions.
  • Rounded bows compress flush with the body of the centralizer to pass smoothly through tight restrictions, won’t damage wellhead seals.
  • Proprietary end bands “pull” the centralizer into or out of the wellbore.
  • Grease ports allow smooth rotation of the centralizer; prevents corrosion between body and end bands.


  • Flush design allows for tight-tolerance well designs, improving zonal isolation and maximizing production string ID.
  • Improved standoff in underreamed hole mitigates risks and costs associated with secondary cementing operations.
  • Bow design prevents damage to sensitive and expensive downhole equipment/seals.

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