Cast-Iron Bridge Plugs

Blackhawk’s API 11D1 certified and licensed Cast Iron Bridge Plugs are the most dependable and well known isolation plug on the market. It is used for zonal isolation, well abandonment, casing pressure tests, and stimulation, and can be set via wireline, drill pipe (mechanical or hydraulic), tubing, or coiled tubing.The cast iron bridge plug is designed to be drilled out if necessary, maintaining sufficient strength while set, as well as designed with a shorter length providing a shorter drill out time saving the customer rig time and additional costs.


  • Available in tubing and casing sizes from 2-3/8” to 20”.
  • Wireline, tubing, or coiled tubing set.
  • Drillable cast iron construction.
  • Sets in casing grades greater than Q125.
  • Anti-swab/anti-preset characteristics with 360° slips.
  • Angled backup design prevents element extrusion.
  • Setting force held in place by ratcheting, internal lock ring.
  • 400°F plugs, sour gas plugs, and 125+ yield casing plugs are available upon request.

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