Casing Flotation Systems

The Casing Floatation Sub assists in reducing drag forces and which increases the likelihood of running casing to bottom in long horizontal wells.This is done by creating an air chamber below the casing floatation sub and above the float collar/shoe that helps lift the casing off the low-side of the well. The casing is then filled with drilling fluid above the Casing Floatation Sub which helps increase the hook load to ensure enough weight to get down to bottom. An analysis is done on each well to find the optimal placement and burst rating of the sub. This system does not require any changes in cementing procedures and can reduce dynamic friction by more than 50%


  • Adjustable fit for most every horizontal well.
  • Reduces friction by over 50% in some cases.
  • Does not change any casing or cementing procedures.
  • Allows for full bore access once disk.bursts.
  • Allows for use of latch-down plugs.

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