Brute™ Packer

Blackhawk’s Brute™ Packer is designed for general purpose high-pressure and high-tensile service work.The hydraulically-operated upper hold-down buttons anchor the packer with differential pressures from below. The packer is available with carbide trim buttons and slips for high-strength casing and longer service life.

Click here to watch a video on the Brute™ Storm System.


  • 6-5/8” FH connections holds up to 1,000,000 lbs tensile.
  • Carbide trim on dual drag blocks, dovetail slips, and buttons for hard casing and long field life.
  • Quarter-turn set packer and slips, straight pickup to unset and release.
  • Three packer element design for seal redundancy.


  • Ideal for use as a storm packer; compatible with Blackhawk’s 1,000,000 lb. Brute 1™ and Brute 2™ Storm Valve.
  • Testing and treating operations.
  • Squeeze cementing.

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