6-5/8″ Wireless

    Blackhawk’s 6-5/8″ Top Drive Cement Head, the industry leader in the GoM deepwater primary cementing operations, now features the most advanced wireless automation system available.

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    • Fully-wireless automation system eliminates hydraulic umbilical line and operating console
    • Industry-exclusive, interchangeable cage design (6-5/8" maximum ID) prevents "wadding" deformation of dart fins, mitigating fluid bypass and displacement volume discrepancies
    • Wireless, remote-operated plug and isolation valves quickly actuate during cementing operations


    • Continuous wireless link monitoring; radio signal filtering blocks Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interference for increased reliability
    • Wireless, remote-operated, "on-the fly" plug/dart/ball launching, eliminates the need to stop pumping, reciprocating, and/or rotating
    • Wireless, remote operated features eliminate the number of riding belt trips above the rig floor, improving safety
    • Quick reloads on the rig floor reduce downtime

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