6-5/8″ Manual

Blackhawk’s 6-5/8″ Top Drive Cement Head has become the industry leader for deepwater primary cementing operations in the GoM. Incorporating a vast-array of industry-exclusive technologies and features focused on safety, speed, and efficiency.

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  • Industry-exclusive 6-5/8" maximum cage ID prevents "wadding" deformation of dart fins, itigating fluid bypass and displacement volume discrepancies
  • Remote-operated pin pullers enable fast and accurate launching of wiper plugs, darts, and rubber/nerf balls
  • Remote operated isolation valves above and below cement head can be quickly open or closed


  • Remote-operated, "on the fly" drill pipe dart or wiper ball launching, eliminates the need to stop pumping, reciprcating, and/ or rotating
  • Remote-operated features eliminate the number of riding belt trips above the rig floor, improving safety
  • Reduced liklihood of plug/dart/ball damage improves cementing efficiency

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