About Us

What We Do

Blackhawk Specialty Tools provides oil and gas operators with engineered solutions that improve performance and efficiency. Blackhawk has dedicated particular focus to critical processes in the life of the well such as:

  • Cementing in deepwater
  • Offshore plug and abandonment
  • Preventing gas migration in shale wells
  • Storm packers
  • Remediation tools

In this highly technical environment, the skills and knowledge of our people are critical components. Blackhawk has attracted and retained a team of engineers, subject matter experts, and experienced field staff that drives the exceptional delivery of our products and services from planning to execution.

Blackhawk’s reputation for excellence is built on:
  • Proprietary, innovative, market-proven cementing technology
  • Performance advantages in demanding markets, especially in deepwater, where quality of primary cementing is crucial
  • Proven, experienced management and technical personnel behind every job and on every rig.
  • An experienced engineering team focused on continuous improvement, creating efficiencies in operation, and developing innovative new products
  • An unwavering commitment to customer service
  • Consistent focus on quality, safety and environmental protection in everything we do


Blackhawk was founded in Houston, Texas in 2008 by Billy Brown, Ron Robichaux, Dean Robichaux, and Lawrence Brown, with the goal of supplying the deepwater industry with a better class of product and service. The company’s beginnings were guided by a technology strategy to innovate and bring to market a suite of best-in-class deepwater well construction tools. The young company was quickly embraced by the marketplace and within a few years became a leader in rotating cement head technology.

In 2010, with the expansion of shale drilling and the Gulf of Mexico deepwater drilling moratorium, Blackhawk turned to the land market, where the company’s cementing techniques were efficient in reducing gas migration in shale drilling. Over the next few years the company expanded into multiple locations and redesigned its product offering to be more compatible with land rig and well profiles.

In 2014, Blackhawk acquired Trinity Tool Rentals and entered the well intervention market with a suite of bridge plugs, cement retainers, and storm packers. In 2016 Blackhawk added diverter tool and SSR plug business lines through a separate acquisition.

Blackhawk’s tradition of innovation and engineering excellence has earned industry acknowledgement. In 2016, Blackhawk was awarded the New Technology Development of the Year at the Oil and Gas awards for the revolutionary SkyHook technology.

Also in 2016, Blackhawk was acquired by Frank’s International. As a Frank’s International company, Blackhawk is now part of an integrated well construction solutions provider with an international customer base and operational footprint. By leveraging Frank’s existing global network, the combined company is positioned to accelerate the adoption of Blackhawk technologies around the world, complementing Frank’s well-established tubular services.

Quality, Health, Safety, & Environmental

Blackhawk Specialty Tools supports a proactive approach to QHSE in which we challenge each and every employee to protect health and safety, strive for exceptional service quality, and actively participate in the leading indicators of performance.

Blackhawk manages its business activities through an integrated approach to quality, health, safety, security and the environment. We comply with all applicable laws and regulatory authorities in every area of the globe in which we operate.

Safety is deeply ingrained in our culture. It is part of every employee’s personal goals and is a primary focus organization-wide. We manage risks towards achieving the ultimate target of zero accidents, zero injuries, zero occupational illnesses, and zero harm to the environment.

Robust quality systems that extend across our business drive a culture of continuous improvement. Blackhawk is committed to listening to the customer; providing the highest quality products, services and personnel. We dedicate ourselves to being the supplier of choice, reducing the cost of non-conformances, and meeting or surpassing customer expectations for safety, quality and on-time delivery. Blackhawk’s quality management system is compliant with ISO/TS 29001.

Like safety and quality, environmental protection responsibility extends throughout our entire organization. Blackhawk has assisted many operators in preventing gas migration, effectively sealing water zones, and increasing efficiency.

Executive Team

  • Scott McCurdy


    (16 Years of Oilfield Experience)

      – Previously served as CFO of Blackhawk Specialty Tools from June 2011 until October 2016

      – Previously served as Sr. Vice President & CFO of Geokinetics Inc. (NYSE AMEX: GOK)

      – Previously served as VP Finance – CFO, Treasurer & Corporate Secretary of Grant Geophysical, Inc.

      – Began career with Big 5 International Public Accounting Firm focused on oil field service clients

      – Holds CPA license and is a member of the Texas Society of CPAs and the American Institute of CPAs

      – B.B.A. in Accounting and Master of Accountancy from Baylor University in 1998 & 1999, respectively

  • Dean Robichaux

    Executive Vice President Sales

    FOUNDER (35 Years of Oilfield Experience)

      – Previously served as Sales Executive with a deepwater rental equipment company

      – Sales representative and sales manager with Weatherford International Ltd. (NYSE: WFT)

      – Attended the University of Louisiana at Monroe

  • Ron Robichaux

    Executive Vice President Operations

    FOUNDER (12 Years of Oilfield Experience)

      – Previously served as General Manager with a deepwater rental equipment company

      – Previously served as Captain in the United States Army

      – B.G.S. in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 1998